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The SCC Corporate & Community Education Department January Newsletter is available.  The Community Education Department at SCC provides the surrounding communities the opportunity for personal enrichment as well as community development programs that can lead to exciting new careers. Or just take a class for the fun of it!

Read more about some of our fun and enriching courses available now.

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It’s not too late to register for spring classes at Spartanburg Community College (SCC), one of the fastest-growing colleges in the nation, according to Community College Week. With SCC’s FlexStart terms starting on February 14, March 2 and 21, beginning or continuing a college education is convenient for students of all ages.

SCC’s FlexStart offerings include 10, 7.5 and 5-week terms that begin later in the semester but cover all of the course materials required in fewer weeks than traditional classes. “These courses are ideal for students who prefer to work harder and faster to complete coursework in a shorter timeframe, so they have more time for work, family, and other responsibilities and activities. FlexStart offers students the flexibility to manage going to school with other priorities,” said Celia Bauss, SCC registrar. “It’s also great for college students seeking to gain additional credits or juggling work and school.”
SCC offers FlexStart courses in the following areas of study:

  • Administrative Office Technology
  • American Sign Language
  • Art History
  • Automotive
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • English
  • History
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Early Childhood
  • Math
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Religion

FlexStart courses are available during the day, evening, weekend and online. Individuals interested in applying to the College to take FlexStart classes can apply in person at any SCC campus or online at www.sccsc.edu. Registration for FlexStart terms is going on now. Not all FlexStart classes are available at each SCC location. Visit the SCC website for a complete listing of offerings and locations.

SCC began offering the FlexStart classes in 2006 in an effort to provide students with another option to make a college education accessible and achievable. The program has been very successful and classes fill quickly.
SCC provides convenient, affordable and transferable educational opportunities to Upstate residents and people across the nation through online course options. SCCOnline offers more than 100 online courses as well as complete online associate degree and certificate programs of study.
For more information on SCC programs and registering for FlexStart classes, contact the SCC Admissions Center at (864) 592-4800, toll-free (866) 591-3700, or online at www.sccsc.edu.

About Spartanburg Community College.
SCC offers more than 80 academic programs of study including associate degrees, diplomas and certificates plus University Transfer opportunities to four-year universities. SCC provides flexible class scheduling including online classes through SCCOnline, FlexStart classes, evening classes and more. The College also offers non-credit classes through the SCC Corporate & Community Education Division.  For more information visit www.sccsc.edu.

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Video-Based Online Training Empowers Today’s Professionals With Must-Have Business Credentials

Spartanburg, SC – Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Corporate & Community Education Department now offers Upstate South Carolina professionals access to sought-after non-degree workforce education programs developed by the nation’s leading universities. Delivered 100% online, these programs feature content developed by schools such as Villanova University, the University of San Francisco and Tulane University.

Spartanburg Community College is the first community college in South Carolina to offer this program. “We are pleased that SCC is now able to serve students and employers virtually anywhere in the state with online training in a wide range of today’s most important disciplines,” said Rebecca Clussareth, Program Manager Corporate & Community Education (CCE). “This new initiative will significantly extend our academic reach using online learning tools including streaming video, which gives participants the flexibility of viewing course lectures wherever and whenever it is most convenient.”

SCC’s new online program offerings include Project Management, Six Sigma, Green and Lean Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Sales, Internet Marketing and other popular areas of study. Many of these prepare students for career-building certifications from internationally recognized certifying organizations – a proven way to boost salary, marketability and job security. 

“Whether prospective students are looking to advance, change jobs or rebound after a layoff, Spartanburg Community College’s interactive non-credit courses are an ideal way to for them to gain the career skills and credentials that are crucial in a competitive job market,” said Rebecca Clusserath, Program Manager CCE.

The new online content will also enhance SCC’s corporate training initiatives, providing additional programs, expertise and flexibility to better serve the local community.

Using Stimulus Funds to Pay for Corporate or Individual Training
For companies that may be tempted to put training initiatives on hold, the timing of federal stimulus funds couldn’t be better. Financial allocations in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act include stimulus dollars for education programs such as corporate training. Funding for annual corporate training grants has increased significantly, with the government paying for 75% or more of the total costs in some instances. Individuals who qualify may also receive government funding for SCC’s new, Workforce-approved online programs.    

About Spartanburg Community College.
SCC offers more than 80 academic programs of study including associate degrees, diplomas and certificates plus University Transfer opportunities to four-year universities. SCC provides flexible class scheduling including online classes through SCCOnline, FlexStart classes, evening classes and more. The College also offers non-credit classes through the SCC Corporate & Community Education Division.  For more information visit www.sccsc.edu.

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“Network on Wheels” CISCO Exhibit National Tour to stop at SCC
Thursday, January 20 from 10am to 2 pm.
Ledbetter Building parking lot, just off New Cut Rd at Business I-85.

The NOW Van is a mobile demonstration vehicle equipped with the latest Cisco networking technologies, the Network on Wheels (NOW) Van offers mobile solutions showcases and technical demonstrations of critical networking solutions. Learn more about the NOW van.  

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The following Spartanburg Community College students have earned Deans’ List honors for the fall 2010 term. (This information is also available in a Word file with the deans’ listing in a two-column format. Email hucksc@sccsc.edu to receive a copy.)

Phillip A. Carnley

Donna K. Meadows

Jason T. Broome
Clayton N. Calhoun
Delbi A. Collins
Megan A. Collins
Martin P. Dolby
Ava J. Grigsby
Steven D. Hames
James D. Henson
Darrell S. Liles
James A. McClure
Dorothy C. Melton
Douglas A. Moss
Dustin B. Ogle
Thomas M. Philbeck
Seth K. Pyle
Hannah E. Trammell
Kendra L. Wyte

Boiling Springs
Tiffany M. Allen-Smith
Tia M. Allen
Philip G. Atkins
Lauren M. Bobo
Tatyana I. Bogoslov
Cory N. Bridges
India M. Caldwell
Ronald S. Calicutt
Casey M. Catasus
Virasay J. Chanthala
Johnny R. Church, Jr.
Ronnie T. Danner, II
Christian E. Edney
Melonie R. Elmore
Chelsea M. Fogle
Cameron S. Giles
Leslie Godfrey
Chelsea Homesombath
Erica Hughey
Jarred M. Humphries
Virginia L. Ivey
Angela U. Karpets
Ashley R. Kiehl
Dexter J. Leak
John D. Lewis
Brandie F. Lovin
Shaquita M. Lyles
Jordan L. Mauney
Derinda M. Meade
Svetlana B. Moshkun
Rickie D. Netherton
Adam T. Oddo
Ellen L. Odom
Melissa J. Parsons
Amanda L. Prather
Jonas L. Rocho
Alpha A. Sarrells
Kesara K. So
Marina L. Tarasevich
Melissa A. Tubb
Miracle S. Workmon
Ashley L. Youmans
Andrea B. Boulware
Jeffery W. Millwood
Brittany L. West
Kristina D. Acevedo
Phillip W. Bodway
Kimberly D. Daniel
Mary Hembree
Steven C. Hendrick
Cornell D. Kahla
Vladimir Kazadaev
Seth E. Kemp
Sean L. Mitchell
David M. Quinn
Susan G. Savage
Anita J. Schulz
Christopher A. Wagner

Lindsay N. Belue
Lindsey M. Burdette
Alan M. Burko
Galina N. Difort
Mathew N. Difort
Steven J. Eplee
Sandra F. Glover
Cody F. Greenway
Jeremy M. Greenway
Trista M. Hargrove
Steven L. Jackson
Craig M. Jenkins
Mai N. Lor
Brittany P. Lyda
Kimberly V. MacKerson
Robin A. Mallette
Adrian D. Praytor
Katherine J. Price
Chelsea D. Sample
Morgan A. Smith
Sarah Towery
Brandon W. Traynham
Timothy B. Uber
Matthew Varner
Tabitha M. Wallace
Randall J. Wheeler

Jeffrey D. Wallace
Thomas J. Bridges, Jr.
Renee M. Moriarty
Brian A. Lutz
Columbus, NC
Andrew J. McSwain
Robinson W. Moore
Rebecca C. Abbott
Arthur N. Adair
Travis J. Blackwell
Brittney N. Bremer
Meghan E. Davis
Falan N. Greene
Christopher P. Lemon
Marissa L. Leonard
Cesar I. Ocampo
Megan K. Rouse
Kayla B. Scruggs
Travis G. Scruggs
Daniel Steffee
Randy K. Stepp
Levi J. Westbrooks
Kara R. Wolfe
Danielson, CT
Victoria J. Masiello

Jennifer Abrahams-Wilber
Sarah E. Campbell
Richard J. Cansler
Merry B. Gaddy
Pavel V. Gula
Jessica M. Hall
Laurel J. Henderson
Samuel S. Johnson
John R. Kuznicki, Sr.
Christina N. Lowery
Crystal J. Miller
Timothy A. Miller
Austin K. Mullinax
Larry W. Neal
Inna F. Prokhor
Jeffrey D. Smith

Keri L. Bennefield
Kathy C. Booker
William F. Burch, Jr.
Lian G. Carvajal
James M. Hanley
Justin T. Koepke
Katey A. Whiteneck

Fountain Inn
Candace A. Jackson
Timothy J. Avery
Wanda K. Bradberry
Benjamin G. Bratton, III
Eric C. Carter
Meghan D. Chaney
Amber T. Childers
Warren L. Childers
Megan B. Crissone
Angela S. Crosby
Eric M. Dennis
Jason M. Dominguez
Heather R. Earls
Iris A. Earls
Kenyon J. Gaffney
Jacob E. Gans
Wesley E. Gordon
Jaml L. Gossett
Eugene Griffin
Daniel S. Hames
Erica R. Hass
Elwin A. Hawk
Logan D. Hodge
Antoinette C. Houey
Megan R. Hughey
Shadoe J. Hush
Matthew L. Lovingood
Tara R. Lynn
Charles J. Mann
Johnathan D. McConaha
Danielle B. McDaniel
Derrill S. McKelvey
Jerry R. Metcalf
Daniel L. Natzke
Jaykishan H. Patel
Ronna M. Patterson
Derek B. Patton
Jonathan G. Payne
Troy E. Perry
Brian K. Peterson
Travis B. Peterson
Charles E. Powell
Donald J. Ramsey
Angela P. Ravan
Heather N. Sibbett
Dylan R. Simpson
Erin C. Smith
Mankento Z. Tate
Ryan P. Tucker
Haley D. Walker
Christian Wells
Lucas B. Wood
Gilbert, SC
Nathaniel D. Price
Elizabeth L. Heatherly
James A. Ivey
Crystal D. McLellan

Oscar I. Chamorro
Matrice C. Woodruff
Angeline Comeau
Brandon J. Denully
Corinne F. Depew
Stephen A. Hinojos
Natalia Lawrence
Kelsey R. Mason
Elisa L. Mayfield
Robert C. Nettles
Keith M. Quinn
Anghelina Shlikov
Bette L. Stanislaw
Indian Trail, NC
Jonathan P. Anderson

Alyssa Ament
Kyle S. Atkins
R. Keith Brooke
Eduard N. Butsenko
Alisha M. Cantrell
Trey A. Castrechino
Monica D. Cheek
Benjamin T. Cochran
Cayla A. Collins
Steven C. Cooper
Amanda E. Crago
Gerald O. Deel
James C. Delaney
Yuri A. Denishchich
Vadim V. Dimov
Andrew R. Dobbins
Casey N. Edmund
Tiffany D. Erow
Kevin L. Fowler
Ariel C. Gagne
David Gavel
Martin B. Goings
Judy A. Gregory
Stephen C. Hamrick
Randy M. Horton
Justin W. Howard
Kathy A.  Hudson
Cammie M. Hurst
Nikolay N. Korneychuk
Christina V. Krechko
Matthew D. Kucinski
David N. Lamee
Sherry R. Lollis
Alina Lozitsky
Mikhail S. Nikolaychuk
Kimberly A. Nolen
Stephen E. Pinker
Brianna R. Powell
Jack J. Pritchard
Brian C. Pruitt
Cassandra A. Scott
Thomas E. Settle
Irina Shtanko
Parminder Singh
Vickie D. Smith
Kristen B. Spencer
Karen S. Stroble
Richard J. Telleri
Brian A. Thompson
Cody A. Ussery
Catherine M. Waters
Shaunelle M. Williams
Victoria M. Wilson
William K. Wilson

Jennifer H. Davis
Brandy G. Kelly
James H. Shetley

Brittany N. Blackwell
Benjamin W. Burns
Ethan S. Finch
Erik M. Osterud
Pamela K. Ward
Lexington, SC
Amanda R.  Kyzer
Tara E. Sanders

MacKenzie D. Chapman
Jenison B. Cooper
Leticia A. Degracia
Andrew J. Duke
Tim Durrell
Brook V. Henderson
Katherine M. Landon
Ashley N. Martin
Kristin M. Rice
Kimberly A. Smith-Hyatt
Melanie C. Williams
Lynn, NC
Emily N. McFalls
Eric I. Elm
Sharon L. Stewart
Ashley M. Turner

Julie A. Black
Callie R. Boling
Christopher R. Brown
Matthew A. Brown
Scott C. Coggins
Ashley D. Farmer
Reginald T. Harrelson
Jared H. Keith
Conley B. McIntyre, III
Lasurma N. Pippins
Abbygale R. Smith
Adrienne Valencia
Zackary A. Vogel
Robert Wallace
Jeffrey A. Wofford

Moorseboro, NC
Christina Brown
Andrea L. Byars
James M. Jones
Trinh H. Luong
Jason C. Ogle
Stephanie N. Strong

Gregory K. Neely
Daniel J. Smith
James D. Thompson
Chelsea E. Anthony

Latashia M. Alexander
Nikita Cherkovets
Breanna R. Corn
Richard D. Dehart
William E. Finch
Sidrah Ghaffar
John M. Goins
Ethan D. Layton
Brandi N. Rhodes
Jenniffer L. Besseau

Megan E. Ailstock
Ashlee R. Alford
Dana E. Allen
Kayla P. Allen
Leann K. Anderson
Justin R. Anstett
Brandi N. Arnold
Amber J. Ash
James L. Baker
Virginia M. Berry
Kyle J. Bogan
Dustin Bonneville
Asondre L. Boozer
Jeremy E. Brown
Shelby L. Campbell-Cook
Kim D. Campbell
Anthony E. Cancer
Chris M. Cantrell
Michael L. Carmalt
Timothy M. Carter
Wesley D. Carter
Sue A. Cashdollar
Jennifer N. Chaney
Holly M. Chapman
Ashley B. Childress
Deonta N. Clowney
Meghan C. Cole
Juan Contreras
Cody F. Cooper
Jennifer J. Coppola
Cassandra L. Coscarelli
Veaceslav Crilov
Tenesha M. Cross
Claribel Cruz
Juvickson D. Cruz
Jalen E. Dawkins
Jessica M. Desherlia
Daniel N. Dingana
Paul M. Doyle
Meghan R. Dukes
Corinthian L. Edwards
Katie M. Elder
Sydney K. Esposito
Zachery C. Fain
Noe A. Figueroa
Steven B. Fletcher
Claudia B. Floyd
Laishia S. Foster
Yasmine R. Gault
Rhonda K. Geter
Lynneann V. Gray
Latoya N. Green
Nicole E. Greenway
Elmer L. Guerrero
Dana M. Gullickson
Holly F. Haller
Michael R. Harris
Tom S. Hayes
James R. Heenehan
Timothy B. Hemphill
Austin L. Hewitt
Jessica Hicks
Matthew E. Hicks
Kenneth Hilsman
Nancy K. Hogan
Kendrick L. Holcombe
Olha Hulko
Gwennetta P. Jackson
Erika N. Jacobs
Joseph J. Janeski
Taylor A.  Jenkins
Jennifer C. Johnson
Jessica M. Johnson
Martina  Johnson
Ashley C. Jones
Christopher D. Jones
Ricky Kelly
Leslie A. Key
Michael P. Kitchens
Alexander J. Kuemper
David J. Kunak
Timothy M. Lastovica
Joel A. Leksen
Kenneth D. Lemmons
Rachael M. Lindsay
Grace E. Love
Timesha S. Lyles
Laura A. Mabry
Stephanie M. Manderfield
Kevin  W. Markland
Danielle B. Marsh
Billy M. Mathis
Lisa J. Mathis
Lyubov V. Matveyeva
Tracy J. McAbee
Lorrie S. McKinney
Harlem T. McMillian
Reagan M. McPherson
Benjamin D. Meana
Diana Mendoza
Leslie R. Meshulam
Erica P. Millwood
Kailey R. Moore
Jennifer M. Morgan
Wanda L. Morgan
Erica P. Morrow
Jamir A. Nicholson
Nelson J. Oquendo
Austin K. Pack
Timothy W. Pettit
Anh T. Pham
Felecia F. Powell
Kevin D. Price
Cathy G. Queen
Michael D. Reidling
Evelyn N. Rice
Deas M. Richardson, III
Marshell R. Robertson
Abby C. Rollins
Michael A. Ruchala, II
Raissa W. Samouo Ndjofang
Nytarcia S. Scurry
Katherine A. Seager
Jessica N. Settle
Riviane B. Seudio Ndjofang
Patrick S. Sides
Bobbie M. Simpson
Dylan G. Simpson
Chadrick L. Simuel
Courtney D. Smith
Ricky L. Speight
Lotoya K. Spell
Joshua M. Stauber
Lindsay M. Steadman
Samuel K. Stevens
Cheyenne N. Stewart
Diamond K. Stewart
Wales H. Stoner, III
Sarah E. Stovall
Connie E. Theobald
Kathy L. Thomas
Casey I. Todd
Deborah M. Tomlin
Brandon A. Waddell
Kayla M. Waddell
Nicole N. Ward
Theodore R. Ware
Brian K. Watts
Dorian J. Webster
Natasha S. Wedman
Kevin J. White
Vincent M. Wideman
Shannon L. Williams
Barrett A. Willis
John J. Winning, Sr.
Shayla A. Woodson
Chue Yang
Richard L. Yang
Tou Y. Yang

Shawn A. Andrews
James Dimsadle
Fidel Flores, Jr.

Dustin W. Bobo
Shelly L. Bryson
Lisa L. Dean
Matthew T. Dehart
Brian D. Dunn
Michael J. Eubanks
Sabrina T. Fuller
Matthew R. Gault
Todd S. Gilbert
Kimberly R. Gregory
Jordan T. Hart
David R. Henderson
Bryan S. Holmes
Dustin D. Ivey
Rocky V. Mallett
Bobby F.  Moss
Heather N. Nash
Casey R. Phillips
Joey R. Stamey, Jr.
Loretta T. Warr
Tammy W. Warr

Casey Long

Victoria D. Blackwell
Nikia C. Dirton
Elvira P. Goretoy
Charlie J. Hawkins
Charity R. Hendricks
Michael G. Jolley
Ashley N. Montgomery
Bethany L. Phipps
Gena M. Porter
Bao Yang

White Stone, SC
Brittany A. Levereaux
Cynthia L. Levereaux

Sommer R. Aranda
David R. Dunaway
Maranda M. Duncan
Anthony D. Fuqua
Nikolai Gabriel
Richard C. Hatfield
Thomas A. Leopard
Stephanie P. Moates
Shelbie L. Neptune
Matthew A. Peters
Dylan K. Schuette
Danae K. Sewell
Dixie L. Thomason
Timothy M. Trammell
Brian K. Westmoreland

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Submitted by:
Eric C. Davis
Spartanburg Parks Commission

Getting cabin fever from all this snow?  Visit a US National Park for free this weekend!  The US Department of the Interior is waving entrance fees at over 100 parks nationwide for the MLK weekend and holiday.  Click on this link to find out more.

Also, don’t miss John Lane’s presentation two weeks from today as he will recount in detail his epic canoe trip from Spartanburg to the SC Coast.  Sign up today!

Hike – Blue Wall Preserve
This excellent wintertime hike starts on the Palmetto Trail just above Lake Lanier and skirts two beautiful lakes towered over by Hogback Mountain.  A gorgeous waterfall is found on the loop trail of one of the lakes.  The easy rated loop around the lakes and back to the trailhead is approximately 4 miles and excellent for beginners.  Those who want to really get the blood flowing can continue up one of the steepest climbs of the Palmetto Trail to search for a plaque dedicated to the area’s moonshining history.  Legend has it that remnants of an old moonshine still are located in the proximity of the plaque.  As always, we will depart the SPC offices at 8:45AM.

Date:    Tuesday, January 18
Time:   8:45AM (Carpool); 9:30AM (Hike)
Location: SPC office at 9039 Fairforest Rd. for carpool
Cost:   Free
Ages:   All Welcome
Registration:   Register by emailing or calling LEAF Outdoor Recreation

 Seminar Series – Paddle to the Sea (from Spartanburg!)

A few springs ago Author and Wofford Professor John Lane talked two friends into adopting one of his long held dreams — “Paddle to the Sea” he started calling it.  The plan was to take 11 days and float from Spartanburg County to the distant Carolina coast over spring break.  They pulled it off, and John’s presentation will be the story of that trip.

Date:   Thursday, January 27
Time:  6PM
Location:   Cleveland Park Lower Level Event Center (141 N. Cleveland Park Dr., Spartanburg)
Cost:   Free
Ages:  All Welcome
Registration:   Register by emailing or calling LEAF Outdoor Recreation

Sugar Mountain Winter Sports Trip

Venture to the winter wonderland of Sugar Mountain Resort in North Carolina and choose from an array of winter activities.  Design your own adventure as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, and snowshoeing are all offered. Ski and snowboard lessons are available as well.  Visit www.skisugar.com for activity, lift ticket, and rental rates.

Dates:   February 12
Time:   7am-7pm
Location:   Depart from SPC office at 9039 Fairforest Rd.
Cost:   $12/person
Ages:   All welcome: under 18 must be accompanied by adult                Registration:   Register for January 11 trip by emailing or calling LEAF Outdoor Recreation no later than Noon on Wed. February 9.

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Cheri Anderson-Hucks
Director, Marketing & Public Relations
(864) 592-4931 or (864) 494-6679 (cell)
For Immediate Release
January 5, 2011

Spartanburg, S.C. – Spartanburg Community College (SCC) recently welcomed Dr. Cheryl A. Cox as vice president for academic affairs. In this role, Cox is responsible for leading SCC’s educational programs and services and ensuring the quality of academic curriculum, instruction, and student assessment while enhancing the overall learning environment.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Cox join our administration,” said Dr. Para M. Jones, SCC president. “With Dr. Cox’s years of experience in academic affairs and higher education, along with her accomplishments in education advocacy initiatives, we look forward to what her leadership will bring to the College.”
Dr. Cox joins SCC from the South Carolina Technical College System (SCTCS) in Columbia, SC, where she served as the vice president of academic affairs for the past four years. In this position, Cox made a positive impact on the state’s technical college system through her leadership in developing and acquiring major grants, collaboration with key groups and education advocacy. These efforts led to statewide initiatives that include-

  • technical college-based training programs and centers that support the federal Weatherization Assistance Program;
  • a national accreditation for associate degree early childhood programs that enabled the development of articulation between those programs and baccalaureate level education programs, which is a career pathway of value to many early childhood graduates;
  • professional development programs for college faculty and staff;
  • development of web-based systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of administrative processes that support curriculum development and accountability;
  • and creation and revisions in academic policies to meet accreditation requirements and state regulations.

The wealth of knowledge and experience Dr. Cox brings to SCC comes from over 20 years in education. Her career began as a science education instructor at the University of South Carolina and led to her positions as the director of teaching and learning at Midlands Technical College from 1997-2001; senior manager for curriculum and instruction at the SCTCS from 2001-2005; and the interim president of Williamsburg Technical College in Kingstree, SC from 2009-2010. Dr. Cox has a doctorate of philosophy and a master of science degree from the University of South Carolina. She received her bachelor of science degree from Murray State University.
“I’m thrilled to join the Spartanburg Community College family. I believe the College is committed to student access to high quality programs and high quality instruction, removing barriers to student success and aligning programs to meet the needs of both students and businesses – all of which are high priorities for me,” said Dr. Cox. “I look forward to working with a great team and in a community known to value the education and workforce training community colleges provide.”
Throughout her educational career, Dr. Cox has served on many respected state and national committees including the-

  • SC Commission on Higher Education’s Advisory Committee on Academic Programs;
  • Commission on Higher Education’s “Course Alignment Project” Steering Committee;
  • Articulation, Dual Enrollment, High School Graduation and Postsecondary Education Alignment Committee of the SC Education and Economic Development Act of 2005 (EEDA);
  • and the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Associate Degree Program Accreditation Advisory Council.

A photo of Dr. Cox is available for download at the following link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sccsc/5324145054/

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