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SCC will be closed (no classes, administrative offices closed) Thursday – Sunday.

As always, you may visit our web site to view classes and register online.

Have a wonderful holiday! See you back at SCC on Monday the 28th.

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We know you may be concentrating on the upcoming Holidays:  Slow down and concentrate on your future!

SCC Corporate & Community Education is always at your service. Take a look at some of our upcoming classes for the month of December and January.

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SCC Corporate & Community Education is offering the opportunity to increase your healthcare career success with Patient Care Technician starting December 5th.

Patient Care Technician students will learn four marketable skills in one program: Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, EKG Tech, Cardiac Monitor Technician. This wide variety of training skills will prepare you for employment in hospitals, physician’s offices, and medical facilities.

View the complete schedule

Register now and reserve your spot in the economy’s fastest growing occupations!

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It is not too late to get those computer skills — SCC Corporate & Community Education Computer Basics class starts November 7 at our Tyger River Campus.

Computer Basics is the easy, fun way for computer novices to learn how to use computers, Windows XP and Windows Vista, the Internet, email basics, and word processing using Microsoft Word 2007. Learning is reinforced with plenty of illustrations and practical, hands-on projects and exercises.

The class starts with elementary computer concepts and introduces basic navigation such as mousing, the cursor, the Desktop, and the taskbar. The fundamentals of word processing are covered using Word 2007. Then, students are introduced to basic file browsing and file management. Web browsing and web basics are explained. Discussion of webmail, email attachments, and email security including scams, phishing, and spam.

  • Easy to understand, step-by-step, hands-on, skills-based approach that ensures student success
  • Text is easy to use and understand; with daily life examples
  • No previous knowledge of computers is assumed
  • Gentle introduction to computer literacy for adults and seniors
  • Hands-On exercises with explicit instructions for students

Our unique instructional design makes learning faster and easier for students at all skill levels. Compelling case studies demonstrate the relevance of subject matter in practical situations. Concept Reviews and Skill Builder exercises at the ends of lessons reinforce learning.

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