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Spartanburg, SC – August 1, 2016. The Spartanburg Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is pleased to host the “Federal & State Tax Workshop for Small Business” Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The morning session, “Federal Tax Workshop,” is designed for small business owners who want to learn how to start a new business including legal forms of business organization, getting the company FEIN for bookkeeping and accounting, recordkeeping, working with a paid tax preparer, etc. and paying federal taxes. The workshop will be taught by Chuck Christie, Enrolled IRS Agent and Owner of Christie Tax & Accounting, Campobello, SC. The presenter will discuss net profit or loss, deductions, depreciation, self-employment tax, and estimated tax. An information packet is given to each participant.

The afternoon session, “State Tax Workshop,” is designed for small business owners who are starting a small business or have recently started one in the service, retail, or manufacturing sectors.   The workshop covers state tax requirements and employment security obligations. The program will be taught by the SC Department of Revenue and the SC Department of Employment and Workforce. Helpful publications and sample forms are given to each participant.

The workshop will be held at the Spartanburg Community College Tyger River Campus, located at 1875 East Main Street in Duncan, SC 29334 on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Room 354A.

Registration details


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Spring2015CatalogPICSCC’s Corporate & Community Education Division’s Spring 2015 Schedule of classes is now available. There are many new classes available. Download a pdf copy now!

Our new class offerings include:

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Red tree 8Fall is a great time to start something new! Take a look at the upcoming class opportunities in October and Register Online!

Community Interest Classes

  • Cake Decorating Professional
  • Constable In-Service Review
  • Defensive Driving
  • Intertestimental Biblical Review
  • Motorcycle Rider Beginner
  • Photography Advanced

Computer Technology Classes

  • Excel 2010 Intermediate
  • Excel 2013 Basic
  • Excel 2013 Intermediate
  • Office Administration Certificate
  • QuickBooks Beyond the Basics
  • You have an iPad. Now What?

Healthcare Classes

  • Basic Life Support/CPR
  • Dialysis Technician

Professional Development Classes

  • Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence for Managers
  • Leading Teams
  • Making Solid Decisions
  • Real Estate Broker A, Broker Management
  • Real Estate Broker B, Exam Prep.
  • Solving Problems

Industrial & Manufacturing Classes

  • Fanuc Operations & Basic Programming
  • Fanuc Advanced Programming
  • Forklift

And Hundreds of Online Classes Available. 

Corporate & Community Education can also help with Workforce Development and can customize training to meet your needs.

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With over 363,000 square feet of multi-use warehouse and office space, the Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development (“Center”), located at the Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Tyger River Campus in Duncan, is the fourth largest business incubator in the United States. Serving small to large companies through a variety of specialized programs, the Center has become a model of success for attracting and launching technology and manufacturing related businesses, as well as increasing economic development and employment in Spartanburg County.

“The Center has served over 25 companies since 2006 and has assisted in the creation of over 3,900 jobs, approximately $200 million in company earnings, and over $10 million in combined income and sales tax revenue for the state,” said Mike Forrester, SCC’s executive assistant to the president and director of economic development. “The Center has proven to be a valuable resource for start-up companies, industry and our community.”

The largest business incubator facility in the nation is the Batavia Industrial Center in New York with 950,000 square feet, followed by the BioSquare in Boston with 700,000 square feet and then the Fulton-Carroll Center in Chicago, housing 400,000 square feet of space. According to National Business Incubation Association Publications’ 2012 State of the Business Incubation Industry, large incubators like these are the exception rather than the norm, with only eight percent of all incubation programs reporting to have facilities larger than 100,000 square feet. However, business incubator programs are on the rise with approximately 1,400 in operation in North America in 2012, compared to 1,100 in 2006.

SCC’s Center offers start-ups and established companies assistance in four key areas: incubator services, soft landings, workforce employment services and special projects. Participating companies can utilize the Center’s services or space for up to a year at no cost, other than utilities, if they agree to establish a permanent location within Spartanburg County. The Center offers them office and warehouse space, specialized training, technical support, market research, industry expert mentors, and cultural support for international companies. The Center is also located in a foreign trade zone, which allows companies to produce goods without the associated customs duties and related taxes.

The Center is currently serving the following companies:

  • A.L. Industries, an Israeli company that manufactures automotive air filters, is developing their first U.S. manufacturing operations.
  • Benore Logistics IT provides IT support for the Just-In-Time delivery for parts and supplies for BWM.
  • Core Care Wellness is launching a new technology product that helps to ensure that Medicare patients receive annual wellness exams while also improving patient care and saving health care providers time and money.
  • EchoStar is currently utilizing space to store equipment they will use to upgrade their operations.
  • Edgewater Automation designs and builds custom automation equipment for assembly and test applications.
  • Jeffreys Manufacturing has two show rooms in the Center for their OKK CNC machines and HAAS CNC Machines, which SCC students and instructors also use to train on.
  • Motion Mekanix is a global leader in automation engineering that provides programming, consulting and training for a wide range of robots and applications.
  • Trimite is using the Center’s warehouse space to store new equipment to up fit an expansion of their facility.

Previous clients of the Center include Adidas, Amazon, BMW, Jankel Tactical Systems, Master Precision Global and Walmart, among others.

For more information about the Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development, please visit www.sccsc.edu/econdev or contact Mike Forrester at (864) 592-6204.

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SCC is searching for Adjunct Instructors.TeachingWEB

Looking for a great place to teach? Put your knowledge and experience to work.

When:  Thursday, May 23 / 4 to 6 pm

Where:  SCC Central Campus
Terhune Student Services Building
Commissioners’ Dining Room

Continuing Education is looking for:

  • CNA Instructors
  • CNA Assistants
  • Phlebotomy Instructors
  • Recruiting applicant pools – LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN
  • IT Networking – A + Certified
  • Quality Training – qualified quality engineers, holds green belt or black belt
  • Community Interest/Personal Enrichment – Hobbies and Art Instructors
  • Industrial related course instructors

* Continuing Education qualifications for Healthcare positions may require a SC LPN license, RN license or ASCP certifications all with  previous clinical instructional experience preferred. Teaching experience a plus.

Most Faculty positions require a master’s degree, appropriate licensures/certifications, and relevant experience.

Click Here for full details of the Job Fair. Applications may be submitted at www.jobs.sc.gov (Adjunct Instructor – SCC Job Fair 203)

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Cheri Anderson-Hucks
Director, Marketing & Public Relations
(864) 592-4931 or (864) 494-6679 (cell)
For Immediate Release
March 1, 2010             

Union, S.C. – The Union County Development Board, in partnership with Union County, The City of Union, Spartanburg Community College and the University of South Carolina Union, announced the grand opening of the Union County Advanced Technology Center, including QuickJobs Development Center, at a celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony at the center on Friday, February 26 at 10 am.
Approximately 100 community residents, elected officials and special guests filled a crowded room to celebrate the unique partnerships begun over four years ago.
The event is the culmination of years of planning and collaboration among many local, state and federal entities all with dual goals in mind – to provide Union County residents with local technical job training and general educational classes, while at the same time providing a much-needed economic boost to the region through the development of a trained workforce to successfully compete in high-tech industries.
 “We are thrilled that the Union County Advanced Technology Center is operational and now serving our community,” says Andrena Powell-Baker, executive director of the Union County Development Board. “Thanks to the collaboration of our partners and funding from multiple granting agencies, we –Union County residents– now have a $4 million dollar high-tech training center in our backyard and the opportunity to prepare for the next generation of high-tech, high-demand jobs. The possibilities are unlimited.”
The S.C. Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Administration, AdvanceSC and Competitive Community grants provided almost $4 million to establish the center. In addition to funds, each partner provided vital support for the project including the following:

  • The City of Union furnished the architectural drawings and the land.
  • Union County agreed to provide operating and maintenance support.
  • USC Union will provide course work in general education.
  • SCC is securing grants to provide technical training, furnishings and equipment for the center.

The 14,000-square-foot facility incorporates traditional classroom learning with hands-on technical training through three traditional classrooms, one industrial classroom, a computer lab and three industrial labs. SCC offers industrial training and technology courses in the QuickJobs Development Center, which is located within the Advanced Technology Center. Classes in welding and Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) certification began in fall 2009 through SCC’s Corporate & Community Education Division classes. Future training and apprenticeship opportunities currently in development include mechatronics, certified nursing assistant, arrhythmia technician monitoring, EKG technician as well as introductory health sciences courses. USC Union has taught general education courses such as math, English and political science courses at the center to date. Additionally, the university’s general education courses provide a seamless transition for students who desire to fulfill transferable academic requirements while taking technical courses at the center.
 “It is an incredible day in Union County” stated Dr. Hugh C. Rowland, campus dean, USC Union. “This center was conceived by bold leadership from many outstanding partners as an economic development project that would not only benefit our community, but serve as a model for our state.”
Rowland went on to explain that the center allows USC Union an opportunity to fulfill the university’s mission of providing a high quality and affordable education to the Union community.
Dr. Para M. Jones, president of Spartanburg Community College, sees the partnership at the Union County Advanced Technology Center as an invaluable opportunity for all involved. “Our changing economy mandates that we forge partnerships and work together to support our economy and our citizens. This center is a shining example of that.
“With an unemployment rate of 12.7% in the college’s service areas of Union, Cherokee and Spartanburg counties, this center is needed now more than ever before,” states Jones. “I see this center as the beginning of great things – an evolution of serving our community through partnerships involving education, technical training, workforce and economic development.
“This center represents the core mission and vision of SCC – to change lives and build futures by acting as a catalyst for economic development through innovation, collaboration and excellence in our educational programs and services. The center will afford Union County residents the opportunity for hands-on training, certifications and skills that will ultimately make them more valuable employees for local industry after they graduate and enter the workforce.”
S.C. House of Representative member Mike Forrester, also SCC’s director of economic development, who has been involved in the center’s development since inception said he had never before seen so many entities work together for a community’s benefit. “This has been a fantastic journey – this truly is a great day in Union County.”
Forrester welcomed  special guests including representatives from the offices of U.S. Congressman Lindsey Graham and U.S. Congressman Bob Inglis; S.C. House of Representatives member Mike Anthony; and S.C. Department of Commerce’s Bonnie Ammons.
The City of Union Mayor Harold M. Thompson spoke of the center as being a reminder of learning and achievement to all in the community.
Also in attendance was Union County Supervisor Tommy Sinclair, who stated, “I am happy to be here on behalf of Union County. This center has grown and has had many names for a good reason – so many partners have had a part in making this day a reality. This Union County Advanced Technology Center is an excellent example of government at all levels using resources and tax dollars wisely to benefit a community.”
At the conclusion of the formal program, demonstrations on robotic equipment used in teaching were shown and tours of the center were conducted.

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Earn the Designation that sets you apart!

Use the SHRM Learning system to prepare for the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senor Professional in Human Resources) certification exams. shrmlogo

Prepare for the challenges and demand of your profession by earning the credential employers look for in a human resource professional.  Stay on top of the rapidly chaning HR world by completing a 12 session program (Offically approved by SHRM), which focuses on the key areas in HR management.  Studies show that HR professionals who complete the SHRM Learning System consistently pass the certification exam at a higher rate than those who do not complete the system.  Review class details or register now.



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